Carlota Ciganda: "Solheim, I never thought"


Carlota Ciganda: "Solheim, I never thought"
Carlota Ciganda: "Solheim, I never thought" © Getty Images Sport - Angel Martinez / Stringerv

Carlota Ciganda (Pamplona, June 1, 1990) will compete in her sixth Solheim Cup this week, already being one of the veterans of Team Europa. Her balance in the competition is 7 wins, 8 draws and 4 losses. Her role will go beyond the purely sporting, since she is the only Spanish on the green carpet of the Costa del Sol field of Finca Cortesín.

Carlota Ciganda, statements

"You always hope that your country can organize it, but when I played my first Solheim, the truth is that I didn't think I was going to play six editions nor did I think I was going to play one in Spain.

Of course I am very happy that it happened and I hope that a lot of Spanish audiences come. I'm very excited to play here at home. I think so because this is an event with a very large global impact. I hope that many girls and other people who watch the tournament want to play golf and that future golfers can emerge from it.

"I hope that Solheim influences and is positive for Spain. I think that little by little golf is growing in our country and especially in the south, where it will be played, because there are many golf courses. The ideal is that there would be more facilities for children to play and have access to this sport as happens in other sports.

I would say even more. In the end you are playing for something bigger than yourself. You are playing for the team, for your teammates, for the captain... You want to win more for them than for yourself. It is a week of great tension and adrenaline and in which very strong relationships are forged.

No week is the same and I love it because what you experience is very beautiful. When you play the big games well it is wonderful, but the fact of being able to celebrate a victory with your entire team makes this competition special.

You are used to playing individual tournaments and at Solheim you bond a lot with your teammates, you are on the European team, which is what matters. It reminds you a little of the weeks on the national teams. "The public has a positive influence and this edition, which takes place in Europe, is going to help us a lot.

It's our turn to have player number 13. They help you make one more putt and win a game, for sure. Anna Nordqvist and I are the ones with the most participations and we will try to be there for the rookies, but honestly, I think those who come are very well prepared and know what they are facing.

They are high-quality players who are already doing very well and I don't think they will have a problem adapting. I think she does because she is highly respected since she has been playing for many years, she has won several majors and has competed in many Solheim.

She is a role model for how she plays and competes, always with determination. I think she will play a good role as a veteran. "In fourball, you can actually play with anyone because it's not that decisive who you play with.

In the foursome (alternating shots) it does have an influence and I do feel that you have to play with someone you understand, someone who plays similar to you and with whom you get along well. We have to wait and see what the captain (Suzann Pettersen) says.

A companion? I've played with Emily Pedersen before, I get along well with her and I might do it again. I really like Linn Grant, she is very solid, we have a similar hitting game and I think we could be a good couple".