Solheim Cup, the Government defends itself


Solheim Cup, the Government defends itself
Solheim Cup, the Government defends itself © Getty Images Sport - Gregory Shamus / Staff

Executive officials have explained to the EFE Agency that "there is a firm commitment from the Government of Spain to contribute 1.7 million euros to the Solheim Cup", an aid that already has the approval of the Higher Sports Council and that will be It will become effective when the Ministry of Culture and Sports completes the appropriate procedures.

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The Executive has specified to EFE that this circumstance has already been communicated to the event promoters, who have also been guaranteed that, once a government is formed, the budgetary commitment will remain "unalterable" for this edition, although it has already been has celebrated.

From the aforementioned sources, the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, is accused of lying when denouncing the lack of government aid for this important sporting event. In this sense, there is talk that Salado "is missing the truth" when he states that the Solheim Cup is not going to receive "not one euro" of aid from the Government, compared to the "more than 50 million committed for the Ryder Cup in Catalonia ".

In an interview with Alicia Garrido published in MARCA a few days ago, the general director of the company promoting the Solheim Cup (Sport & Business) explained that they fear for the aforementioned aid of 1.7 million if the Government is not formed before 31 December.

There is no doubt that the Solheim, the largest women's sporting event held in Spain, only had financial guarantees from Deporte & Business at the beginning and, once the project was approved, it was able to have the financial support of the sponsors and of the Andalusian institutions that joined the project.

Ultimately, former CSD president José Manuel Franco met with the promoters and promised to help the event, although the PGE were already closed. Franco maneuvered quickly and obtained the aforementioned subsidy. In any case, no one from the Government has publicly guaranteed after the elections that this subsidy will continue once the Government is formed, although it is understood that this is how it should be.

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