DJ Khaled on his love for golf and how it helped him in his life


DJ Khaled on his love for golf and how it helped him in his life
DJ Khaled on his love for golf and how it helped him in his life © Emma McIntyre / Getty Images Entertainment

In an interview with Us Weekly, DJ Khaled revealed that he has a great love for golf, and it is one of his biggest passions in life. As a regular visitor to the golf course over the past couple of years, he has come to this place where he feels at his happiest.

“It’s a never-ending story recall. You just keep getting better. Or you might have days where it’s just [OK], but while you’re [playing] through all that, you still have to find this place called calm”.

- he said.


DJ Khaled apparently has a routine that he follows every day. When he wakes up, the first thing he does is kiss his wife and children goodbye before heading off to the golf course. It is the whole atmosphere related to golf, nature, and the anticipation of what lies ahead for Khaled that makes him fall in love with the game of golf.

I do it every day and I get a chance to sit on the golf cart or walking about to answer an email or a call and handle my business. It’s so much [more] pleasurable, meaning [being around] the nature, the sun. It cleanses me.

It’s almost like going in the ocean without going in the ocean”. It was also thanks to DJ Khaled that his children developed an interest in golf. He has two sons. They both make the most of every opportunity to play golf with their father.

Taking a look at Khaled as a father, he is an excellent example of a father who really knows how to raise his children. “My two boys, they love golf – Asahd and Aalam – they’re six and three and they love golf.

When they’re not in school on the weekends or holidays, they go play golf with dad. And that’s a beautiful thing to do to be able to play golf with my boys and just kick it”.