Amundi Evian Juniors Cup, America triumphs


Amundi Evian Juniors Cup, America triumphs
Amundi Evian Juniors Cup, America triumphs © Getty Images Sport - Kevin C. Cox / Staff

Triumph of the Americans in the 15th edition of the Amundi Evian Juniors Cup, the prestigious Under 14 tournament held at the Evian Resort Golf Club (par 71) in Evian-les-Bains, France. They dominated both the team rankings and the individual competitions, with Davis Wotnosky and Angela Zhang taking the top spots.

Among the Italians, Alice Alexandra Negroni showed great performances, finishing eighth in the women's category.

Amundi Evian Juniors Cup, results

In the team tournament, the United States (Davis Wotnosky, Hudson Hatch, Angela Zhang, Eliana Saga) finished with a total of 645 (+4) strokes, surpassing France (653, +14) and Switzerland (662, +23).

Italy secured the ninth position, with a score of 687 (+48), represented by Alice Alexandra Negroni, Giulia Scortichini, Emanuele Galeppini, and Mattia Pagani.

In the men's individual competition, Wotnoski exhibited outstanding play, achieving a score of 213 (72 69 72, par), leaving the Spanish Samuel Love and the Danish Noah Bottelet Lundskaer four strokes behind (217, +4).

In fourth place, the French duo Valentin Pommier and Paul Martin tied with Hudson Hatch, recording a score of 221 (+8). Galeppini secured the 17th position with 231 (80 75 76, -18), followed by Pagani in 31st place with 258 (91 80 87, +45).

In the women's competition, Zhang finished with an impressive score of 209 (70 67 72, -4), being the only player to go under par.

Moroccan golfer Sofia Cherif Essakali took second place with 213 (par), followed by French player Louise Uma Landgraf in third with 216 (+3) and Japanese golfer Sato Rino in fourth with 219 (+6). As mentioned earlier, Negroni secured the eighth position with 224 (71 79 74, +11), and Giorgio Scortichini finished in 15th place with 233 (78 81 74, +20).

The Italian squad was coached by Giovanni Magni and Camilla Mortigliengo.

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