Rose Zhang, the pearl who destroys records


Rose Zhang, the pearl who destroys records
Rose Zhang, the pearl who destroys records © Getty Images Sport - Stuart Franklin / Staff

There is unanimity in the world of golf when it comes to pointing out the player with the brightest future: Rose Zhang (Arcadia, United States, 20 years old). Just four months ago, the Californian was still an amateur. Now, as a professional, she will make her debut tomorrow at the Solheim Cup.

Zhang holds the record for the most weeks as number one in the amateur rankings (141), and she is the only golfer in history to win the national collegiate championship twice. A week after leaving Stanford, where Tiger Woods also honed his skills, she played the Mizuho Americas Open and won.

This made her the first player to win the tournament in her LPGA debut since Beverly Hanson in 1951. With only eight events played on the North American circuit, Zhang is already more present than future. She discusses all of this with AS at Finca Cortesín.

Rose Zhang, statements

"It's true, I think this tournament is very different from the others I have played so far as a professional. But, by far, it's one of the biggest events of my career. Being part of the United States team for the Solheim Cup is a blessing, and I am very grateful to be with the best players in the world and compete for my country.

These are new experiences, and I'm excited to see what happens during the week. Obviously, there will be initial nerves because I haven't been in an environment like this as a professional. Everything will be a first for me. Things are happening very quickly.

I think I need a little more time to adjust to everything. I'm still in a phase of learning as much as I can on the circuit. I'm sure in the upcoming tournaments, I will truly test my rookie year. But yes, a lot of things are happening to me.

I am very grateful for the people around me who keep me grounded, but it has been a kind of adaptation period.

"I don't think much about it because everyone is on an equal playing field, we all do the same things and compete for the same goals.

I am a rookie who has raised a bit more expectations because I am like the new face of golf, but I am following my own path. That is the most important thing I have gained from these experiences. My teammates are helping me a lot.

There are veterans who have been playing for a long time, and it's really nice that they give me advice and support me on the course. I do have a lot of experience in team championships, but the majority of my teammates have been to college and understand the dynamics.

So, I would like to bring youthful energy. We are all having a great time together. I don't think I have ever felt invincible. After each tournament I finished, I had to go back and do my homework, train again. Everyone does the same thing, and I have kept working very hard even when the results have shown that I am playing well. So, although on paper it may seem like I am invincible, there is a gap between each tournament I play".

Rose Zhang

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