Thomas Bjørn believes that LIV Golfers will support the European Ryder Cup team!


Thomas Bjørn believes that LIV Golfers will support the European Ryder Cup team!
Thomas Bjørn believes that LIV Golfers will support the European Ryder Cup team! © Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Sport

Thomas Bjørn believes that LIV Golfers, who currently do not have the right to play at the Ryder Cup, will be a huge support for the European team. Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, and Ian Poulter have huge Ryder Cup experiences and great memories from the past.

Despite the fact they will not be on the course, it is certain they will watch the Ryder Cup on TV and support the European team. “I know that in their minds and hearts they will be 100 per cent with the players that are playing.

They have such great history with the Ryder Cup, all of them, and they know what it is. They’ve been hugely successful and part of some of the greatest moments in European golf and they’ll want this group of players to have the same experiences as them carrying on.

I know them well enough to know that’s how they’ll feel about it”. -Bjørn told Golf Monthly!

Thomas Bjørn on European Team transition

Bjorn has often emphasized in the past that the European team needs fresh blood and guys who will give their best.

The transition they experienced showed that the European team really has a quality team that can do great things. “We talked about a transition. We talked about that needing to happen at some stage. Now it’s happened and we have a completely new crop of players – young players, exciting players.

I look at this team and I see, well all, but at least seven or eight that could play Ryder Cup together in the next five or six. This is a group that can form some really strong bonds and great relationships going forward”.

LIV Golfers were again the topic. Bjorn was asked if he would give LIV Golfers a chance to compete in the Ryder Cup in the future if the opportunity arose; “That’s not for me to talk about. That’s not a conversation that we are having.

I’ve worked closely with Luke for over a year now and we’re focusing on what we can deal with and what we have, and the players that are eligible. All the other stuff we’ve put to the side and not dealt with because that’s out of our control. We focus on the team that’s going to Rome”.

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