Bryson DeChambeau angry with Zach Johnson?!


Bryson DeChambeau angry with Zach Johnson?!
Bryson DeChambeau angry with Zach Johnson?! © Quinn Harris / Getty Images Sport

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the candid ones who stressed that he misses being part of the Ryder Cup team. The fact that he joined LIV Golf spoiled many plans for this great golfer. Despite being in great shape, Zach Johnson did not decide to call DeChambeau.

Bryson thinks he deserved the call, but he doesn't want it to spoil his plans for the future. This great golfer hopes that the future will bring new things and that he will be part of the US team. “I am playing better than Winged Foot.

If you look at it, it would have been nice to at least just have a call. There's numerous people that I think Zach should have called out here, and we didn't get that. I understand, I get it, but we're nothing different. We're still competing.

We're still working super hard to be the best we possibly can be. Brooks [Koepka] is obviously going to kill it for Team USA next week and excited for the team, but yeah, it definitely does sting a little bit, but say what you want, we're still golfers, and I personally think that given the way I played this week, I could have definitely racked up some points for Team USA." He never lost hope and optimism, even when it was the hardest!

"But that's neither here nor there. As time has gone on, hopefully I'll be in line for it in a couple years”. - he said, as quoted by!

Bryson DeChambeau: It would have been nice for them to consider us more

Bryson emphasized that LIV Golf has tremendous quality.

In his opinion, neglecting LIV Golfers is not a good thing. However, they were aware that going there could cause such consequences. “It would have been nice for them to consider us more because we're pretty damn good out here”.

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