Ryder sold out, boom in hotels and industries


Ryder sold out, boom in hotels and industries
Ryder sold out, boom in hotels and industries © Getty Images Sport - Andrew Redington / Staff

The hotel industry in Rome and its surrounding areas, particularly the five-star hotels with unchecked prices, is experiencing a massive boom due to the upcoming Ryder Cup. This highly anticipated golf event is not only an opportunity for a rich and exciting experience, but also a chance for Rome to establish itself in the world of thematic tourism focused around golf.

For a week, golfers and enthusiasts from all around the world will converge at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Guidonia, near the capital, to witness the challenging match between European and American golfers. With the ability to accommodate up to 50,000 people per day and with stands that seat 4,800 people at hole 1, the event promises to be significant in terms of economic impact and tourist attraction.

However, seeking last-minute tickets is futile as they have already sold out within the first 36 hours of availability.

Ryder Cup, Rome

The Ryder Cup Europe had to resort to a random drawing system to meet the demand from 140 countries.

The event will attract visitors from 85 nations, with the highest representation coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and, of course, Italy. The impact on the hotel and restaurant industries is clear, with many accommodation options booked solidly for over a year, and prices skyrocketing.

Some families in Tivoli, for example, have already invested approximately €5,000 for a week of hospitality. The event organizers estimate that the economic impact may reach up to €1 billion due to the event's significant global viewership of approximately 800 million enthusiasts from around the world.

This edition marks the third time the Ryder Cup will be held in Continental Europe, after Spain in 1997 and France in 2018. More than 7,000 people, including 1,600 volunteers, will be involved in the event, and 39 broadcasters will be covering it.

Over 900 media professionals, including approximately 450 journalists in the Media Center of Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, will attend. This highly televised event will be broadcasted in at least 180 countries. The event's legacy will include the development and opening of the doubled Tiburtina, a much-awaited infrastructure project that Italy celebrated the inauguration of just yesterday.

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