Wyndham Clark: "I fulfilled childhood dream"


Wyndham Clark: "I fulfilled childhood dream"
Wyndham Clark: "I fulfilled childhood dream" © Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images Sport

"The camaraderie that has formed between the members of Team Europe is one of the aspects that struck me about the process leading to the Ryder Cup. It makes me feel much more at ease, I get along very well with my teammates." Word of Wyndham Clark, one of the 12 players on Team USA in the '23 Ryder Cup.

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“Golf can be difficult some days, when you miss a lot of shots, so the nice thing about a team event like the Ryder Cup is having teammates who support you and to confide in,” adds the winner of the last U.S.

Championships. Open and current number 10 in the world. "Participating in the Ryder is every child's dream, it is the pinnacle of the sport, and being part of the small number of players who will represent the United States is an immense honor for me." There are several theories as to how the idea for the tournament came about.

A journalist, James Harnett, appears to have proposed a similar idea to the USPGA on December 15, 1920, but it was not well received. The idea was taken up by Sylvanus Germain, president of a club in Toledo, the following year.

In this way, an unofficial tournament was held in 1921, won 9–3 by the British team, and another in 1926, also won by the British (13½–1½). This second tournament, held on the East Course of the Wentworth Club of Virginia Water in Surrey, was attended by a St.

Albans merchant, Samuel Ryder, in the audience. After watching the games, Mr. Ryder thought it would be a good idea to have an official tournament between both teams. In this way the Ryder Cup was born. Few people who took up golf after the age of 50 have left as positive an impression on golf history as Ryder did.

His love of golf began as a way to recover from the health problems he suffered from. At first he requested the services of a professional golfer to teach him the fundamentals of golf. Ryder then hired Abe Mitchell as his private tutor for £1,000 a year. Ryder took most of her lessons at his home, Marlborough House, and practiced hitting six days a week.

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