Brian Harman: "I'm not afraid of Europe fans"


Brian Harman: "I'm not afraid of Europe fans"
Brian Harman: "I'm not afraid of Europe fans" © Getty Images Sport - Cliff Hawkins / Staff

"Am I prepared to cheer against you? It can influence me a little, but I'm not afraid of it, it's normal for it to be there, we are the away team. But we are professionals and we will play to the best of our ability." Thus Brian Harman, member of Team USA as well as winner of the last Open Championship.

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The golfer from Georgia, ninth in the world ranking, adds: "The call-ups and the pairings? I don't envy my captain Zach Johnson, his is a complicated role. He has to find the best strategies to win.

I promise to give my all same. The first official event of the cup took place in 1927 in Worcester, Massachusetts, under much more professional conditions. The rules were set in advance by a committee and the PGA of America introduced qualifications for its players.

It also stipulated that only native-born U.S. citizens were eligible to compete, although this was not part of its standard rulebook.[8] The British “Golf Illustrated” announced a fundraising goal of 3,000 pounds for a fund to help its golfers take part in the U.S.

Open and Ryder Cup. Ryder first subscribed here £100; after the fund closed with a £300 shortfall, he added the missing sum.[9] The first team captains were Ted Ray (Great Britain) and Walter Hagen (USA). The USA was able to secure a clear victory with 9.5 to 2.5 points.

In 1928, due to the extensive preparations and circumstances, it was decided not to hold the next tournament until 1929 and to maintain this two-year cycle in the future.[7] For the 1929 tournament, the PGA of America confirmed its policy of only allowing natural-born US citizens to play, but this decision was then reversed by the Ryder Cup committee at the end of the year.

It decided on general eligibility to play for all naturalized players in a country and members of the respective national players' organization. From 1939 to 1945, the Ryder Cup was canceled due to World War II. In 2001, the match was postponed for a year due to the September 11th terrorist attacks; Since then it has taken place in even years.

Brian Harman

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