Brooks Koepka sent a message to 'angry' LIV Golfers: Play better!


Brooks Koepka sent a message to 'angry' LIV Golfers: Play better!
Brooks Koepka sent a message to 'angry' LIV Golfers: Play better! © Luke Walker / Getty Images Sport

Brooks Koepka is the only LIV Golfer to secure a spot on the US Ryder Cup team this year. Although Zach Johnson decided not to pay much attention to LIV Golf tournaments, the performances at the Majors were key in his decision to give Koepka a chance.

After Johnson selected the players to be part of the team, many LIV Golfers were disappointed and felt they deserved a spot on the team. Brooks Koepka reacted to the 'anger' of LIV Golfers during the pre-conference at the Ryder Cup; "I don't make the decisions.

It doesn't - everybody had an opportunity to get there. I mean, I had the same opportunity as every other LIV player, and I'm here. Play better. That's always the answer."- Koepka said, as quoted by! Although many believe that Koepka is also promoting LIV Golf, Brooks does not see things that way.

His priority is to help the US team achieve a good result in such an important competition. "I feel like I'm representing the USA. That's what I've got on the front of my hat this week, so that's what I'm representing. It's not a group of individuals in that locker room.

We're just all one team, and that's the way we think. That's what I believe, and I'm pretty sure everybody else there thinks that."

Team golf and LIV Golf

With its creation, LIV Golf brought many novelties to the golf scene.

One of the novelties is playing team golf. Although many believe that this could be an advantage for Koepka considering that he plays team golf at LIV, Brooks believes that it does not play a role. "I mean, you're just going to play a round of golf and then the team scores add up at the end," he added.

"I don't see how that has really any translation to this format. Yeah, you're in a group setting or like a team setting, but other than that, I don't see how it's - we're not playing alternate shot or best ball I think until Miami in three weeks, and that's just a match play."

Brooks Koepka

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