Zach Johnson revealed the reason for the disastrous first day for the US team


Zach Johnson revealed the reason for the disastrous first day for the US team
Zach Johnson revealed the reason for the disastrous first day for the US team © Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Zach Johnson, captain of the US team, cannot be satisfied after the first day at the Ryder Cup and his team's 4-0 deficit. Reporters wondered if Zach changed his afternnon fourball pairings because of it; “Well, we have contingencies and things of that nature based on a lot of things.

You know, I would say that we'd love to have everything drawn out way, way ahead of time, but there's certain things you cannot control, and we are trying to control the controllables in our team room, and I'll leave it at that”.

- he said, as quoted by! In the continuation of the conversation, Johnson revealed something that few expected. Namely, in the US team, several players apparently have a problem with illness, and this creates huge problems for them.

As Johnson says, you can't influence some things, but he is aware that he has a quality team that has depth. The US team will have to do their best if they really want to fix things. “The bottom line is there's been some unforeseen things that we've had to navigate around, which is really unfortunate, in the sense of health.

It's not an excuse, because we have depth, but I'll just say, I'm grateful we have a team doctor”. - he continued.

Zach Johnson on 'congestion' problems

Johnson emphasized that there is a 'congestion' problem. However, despite all the difficulties, his team is motivated and ready to give their best.

They know how important this competition is and what it means to golf fans. “We have got some congestion and some just signs of things that are unfortunate. It's one of those where sometimes the energy is probably a little low, but the ability and desire to go out and play is still there.

That's what we are weighing. Every one of them still wants to play every match, which is encouraging”.

Zach Johnson

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