Luke Donald is honest about the conflict between McIlroy and LaCava


Luke Donald is honest about the conflict between McIlroy and LaCava
Luke Donald is honest about the conflict between McIlroy and LaCava © Patrick Smith / Getty Images Sport

Patrick Cantlay's caddy Joe LaCava and Rory McIlroy are still the main topics of the Ryder Cup. Namely, at one point, but also at the end of yesterday's day, there was a confrontation between McIlroy and Cantlay. LaCava waved his hat in McIlroy's line of vision.

This made the Northern Irish quite angry. Reactions immediately followed, and one of the first to react was Luke Donald, the captain of the European teams. “I saw it unfold when Patrick made that putt, Joe was waving his hat.

Obviously there was some hat-waving going on throughout the day from the crowd, not our players. Talked to Rory. He politely asked Joe to move aside. He was in his line of vision. He stood there and didn't move for a while and continued to wave the hat, so I think Rory was upset about that.

"- he said, as quoted by!

Joe LaCava

At that moment, Rory asked LaCava to move, but LaCava refused. It was apparently a provocation that caused McIlroy's anger. Many have divided opinions, but it is clear what LaCava's intentions were in those moments.

"Listen, we're all competitors. We all want to win, but we want to do it in the right way. You know, from what Rory told me, he did ask Joe to move. He took a long time to move. It was a little off-putting because he still had to putt.

And so Rory got upset, and I understand that." Donald also revealed whether this will affect his decision to put McIlroy in Sunday's singles; “Absolutely not. We'll go out there as 12 strong. I'm excited about my lineup, and you know, I'm not going to strategize upon those things, to be honest.

That's not in my thought whatsoever. I'm going to put out the lineup that I think will be able to win back the Cup tomorrow."

Luke Donald

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