Patrick Cantlay explains why he didn't wear a hat: Zach Johnson supported him


Patrick Cantlay explains why he didn't wear a hat: Zach Johnson supported him
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Patrick Cantlay did not wear a hat at yesterday's performance at the Ryder Cup, which immediately caused a large number of reactions and questions, why is he doing it? One of the assumptions was that the US players were not paid and that Cantlay wanted to express his dissatisfaction with that.

However, such an assumption is far from the truth. At the end of the day, Cantlay was honest and revealed the reasons why he didn't wear a hat; “It just doesn’t fit. It’s as simple as that. I didn’t wear it at Whistling Straits because the hat just doesn’t fit so that’s really all it is”.

- Cantlay said, as quoted by!

Zach Johnson reacts: This is one of the most united teams

Zach Johnson, who is the captain of the United States team, also confirmed that Cantlay did not have such intentions.

Patrick is an important figure for this team, considering that he left them in the game. This year's Ryder Cup started in a disastrous way for the US team. Johnson also denied that there was any conflict or disagreement within the team.

There is a sense of unity and happiness among the players, and it is exactly this atmosphere that needs to be transferred to the golf course in order for it to work. There is no other way to guarantee success than to do it.

"There is not a rift in this team room. This is one of the most united teams I have ever been associated with.
Hat or no hat, Team USA are still fighting for the Ryder Cup, and that's largely thanks to Cantlay's heroics. Given the way he finished his Saturday fourball match, he will be one of the players with plenty of US hopes on his shoulders as Johnson's men look to narrow the gap further in the all-important Sunday singles."
The US team is optimistic, even though the situation is difficult for them. They will have to give their best.

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