Ryder Cup, fan throws himself into the water


Ryder Cup, fan throws himself into the water
Ryder Cup, fan throws himself into the water © Getty Images Sport Naomi Baker / Staff

Europe won the 2023 Ryder Cup by beating Team USA in the splendid setting of Marco Simone, a club on the outskirts of Rome which hosted many golf enthusiasts, VIPs and otherwise, during the even, a great success for the event.

When the Englishman Tommy Fleetwood mathematically won the half point that served to close the three days of competition, there was a very particular invasion of the field, or rather of the green, which hit social media and became viral all over the web.

Ryder Cup, fans

In fact, a man, not exactly young, started running in the direction of a body of water that was in front of him, to the disbelief of the athletes and other fans, so he first threw his hat in the air and then he dived.

At that point he raised his arms to the sky, got out of the pond and continued to rejoice without brakes completely wet, later repeating the scene. In short, ultras also exist in the world of golf. The Ryder Cup is a two-year, multi-day golf team tournament between the best golfers in Europe and the United States.

It is named after the British seed dealer and golf sponsor Samuel Ryder. Although it is purely a prestige duel with no prize money distributed for the event, it has developed into the most important golf team tournament in the world since its first official organization in 1927.

Since it was first organized, then only between players from Great Britain and the USA, the venue has changed between continents. Unlike almost all professional tournaments, the competition is not played in the usual stroke play mode, but in match play mode with changing game types.

The tournament is co-hosted by the PGA of America and Ryder Cup Europe. The latter is a joint venture between the PGA European Tour (60%), the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland (20%) and the PGA of Europe (20%).

Ryder Cup

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