Zach Johnson reveals who is to blame for the defeat


Zach Johnson reveals who is to blame for the defeat
Zach Johnson reveals who is to blame for the defeat © Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Zach Johnson, the captain of the US team, believes that he is 'to blame' for the poor performance of the US team at the Ryder Cup. Johnson emphasized that he made several mistakes. He did not forget to praise his team, which wanted to reach the title, but already at the very start, it was clear that they were far from their goal.

“The defeat is on me, I made some poor decisions and I will reflect. Those 12 guys played so hard and fought for our country."- he said, as quoted by!

Zach Johnson: We got outplayed by Europe

During his speech, Johnson didn't forget to praise the European team's motivation.

Luke Donald's team looked much better, and it seemed that the US team could experience a record defeat. There were some problems with the US team, but it is unclear what the biggest issue was. In the whole story, it seems there isn't much philosophy.

In this case, the better team won.
“If I have any immediate reaction it is to tip your cap to Europe and to Luke, they played great and they earned it. It's quite simple, we got outplayed by Europe. We showed grit and heart, it got interesting out there today.

It ebbed and flowed, it had momentum. I'm proud of my guys."- he continued Although he invested a lot of effort and energy, Johnson failed to achieve his goal. It is likely that in the next few days, we will get a more complete picture of why they had such a bad performance.

However, Johnson emphasized that this should be an additional motivation for the boys. In two years, they will have the opportunity to "fix" things on home soil.
"My competitive juices are flowing too much to function right now.

I'll reflect on it and Team USA will be better off at some point. We will use this as motivation. You put so much time and energy into this and the process and journey is what is special, along with the people around it - my family, the team, the PGA of America and the fans.

They're the fuel for the engine. We'll analyse it. I'm not making excuses. Europe outplayed us."

Zach Johnson