Eddie Pepperell on Brooks Koepka: Brooks doesn't know he has to lie sometimes


Eddie Pepperell on Brooks Koepka: Brooks doesn't know he has to lie sometimes
Eddie Pepperell on Brooks Koepka: Brooks doesn't know he has to lie sometimes © Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Many are still under the impression of the bad performance of the US team at the Ryder Cup and wonder why Zach Johnson's team looked unrecognizable. Eddie Pepperell was a guest on the Chipping Forecast podcast and addressed Brooks Koepka and his statements during the Ryder Cup.

Pepperell believes that Koepka's statements made it possible to notice that something was 'off' within the US team. “Brooks to me is the outlier. He’s the massive individual in this and I think that’s why he’s won so many Majors.

But there was one point this week where he was asked in the press conference at the beginning of the week: ‘Who would have the ball? You know: 'How many people do you think will take the ball and win the Ryder Cup?’ And he took a moment to reflect and he said: ‘Very few.’"- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Eddie Pepperell on Brooks Koepka

Pepperell believes that Koepka should have acted differently. Namely, his statements were an indication that the team does not have a great atmosphere, or at least on the other hand, that Koepka does not trust his teammates.

Making such statements is not commendable, especially when you want your team to achieve success against the European team, which has not looked so strong on paper for a long time. “To me, that is somebody that cannot understand that it’s sometimes worth lying to say the right thing when you’re part of the team.

And there would have been some people in that team would known that, actually, he’s referring to them and he didn’t specify the Europeans. He just said: ‘Very few.’ I think that is somebody who does not understand the nature of being part of a team”.

- he continued. Pepperell emphasized that other stars would certainly have a different answer to such a question. Being honest is sometimes not the best thing to do, especially when you're looking at the whole picture. “I cannot believe for one moment if that question was posed to Rory [McIlroy] or Jon [Rahm], and I would put them in the same league in terms of their ego, in terms of their animal spirits.

They would have understood the consequences of their answer to that question. And I think Brooks does not understand it”.

Eddie Pepperell Brooks Koepka

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