Luke Donald received a congratulatory message from a popular football coach

"My phone was blowing up!"- Luke Donald said

by Sead Dedovic
Luke Donald received a congratulatory message from a popular football coach
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Luke Donald has done a great job as the captain of the European team. His team showed quality and deservedly emerged as the winner of this year's Ryder Cup. Luke Donald is still under the impression of this great performance and thanked everyone who was an important link in this story.

"It's still sinking in. This has been a long process, a long journey. I'm so glad it ended up like it did. It was just an amazing week sharing this with my team-mates, the staff, the families, the wives, partners and everyone.

It was just a really, really fun week. Memories that will stay with me forever."- Donald said, as quoted by! Donald received many congratulations from friends and everyone close to him. His phone rang all night, but one message was particularly interesting.

Namely, the popular football coach (currently Roma coach) Jose Mourinho, congratulated him on his success. "Lots from friends and family, past captains and players. I got one from Jose Mourinho. He had a nice victory last night in Rome.

Just amazing. My phone was blowing up! I haven't even looked at all of them, to be honest. I wanted to enjoy the night and I'll certainly get back to replying to those."

Luke Donald on being a player and coach

As a player, Luke had the opportunity to be a part of previous Ryder Cups.

However, being a coach is something completely different. In such moments, you feel a greater responsibility, but perhaps also a greater desire for success. You have to keep an eye on 12 players and know them well. Donald showed that he worked seriously before this competition.

He had at his disposal quality players with whom he talked a lot. There was a positive atmosphere, harmony, and unity in the team, which is why it is not surprising that they managed to achieve such a good result. "To be in charge of the 12 guys is a big responsibility, a big privilege, and I felt very honoured to do it.

It's different as a player. As a player, you're sort of in your own bubble, in your own mindset. You enjoy the team aspect of it and you enjoy the team environment. But as captain, this was a long process - a 14-month process.

You're playing for something way more than yourself. That's what makes us special. I think we all have this need to belong and be a part of something special - a culture and environment where we can all come together and share our talents.

That's what the Ryder Cup is about really and you're sharing it with your friends and your family. It was just a special week. It hasn't really sunk in yet. I will look back I'm sure over the coming days, weeks and months and probably write down stuff that comes back to me about what was so special about this week. Just amazing."

Luke Donald