Fred Couples reveals what Joe LaCava said to Rory McIlroy

“I asked LaCava what was said,” -Couples said

by Sead Dedovic
Fred Couples reveals what Joe LaCava said to Rory McIlroy
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This year's Ryder Cup will be remembered for the incident between Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava. McIlroy was reportedly frustrated because LaCava waved his hat in front of him. Fred Couples explained the other side of the story on Sirius XFM.

Couples asked LaCava what had happened, and LaCava explained everything; “I asked him what was said,” Couples said on his Sirius XFM radio show, as quoted by! “He said Rory looked at him and said, ‘Mooove.’ And he made the ooo last a little longer." Joe LaCava asked the Northern Irishman to calm down.

“And Joe replied, ‘Relax, Rory.’”

Fred Couples: It wasn't disrespectful

Couples believes that this situation was taken too seriously, and that LaCava and the rest of the team had no bad intentions at all.

In their words, it can be seen that the main goal was to motivate the team and to show strength. Fred touched on Rory McIlroy and his reactions after a successful move.
"I want someone to tell me where anything that happened is disrespectful,” Couples said.

“I didn’t see it. Patrick screamed, which he doesn’t do very often and he tipped his fake cap. We all were on the front of the green. No one moved. We just took our hats off and made little circles with our hats.

It’s the last match of the day. We’re getting absolutely hammered. But what, did someone do a Justin Leonard, ran across the green? Patrick didn’t. Rory, God bless, Rory, ’cause when he makes a putt in the Ryder Cup, he screams and yells ‘vamos’ and ‘let’s go’ and all that.

That’s what you should do. Joe LaCava was standing [on the green]. I don’t think he moved two feet”. Although Couples partially agrees that maybe LaCava "crossed the line", he still thinks that his move was not disrespectful.

Of course, it is clear that everyone will defend their team and the individual within it. “People think he shushed Rory when he did that hand gesture. Little Harry Diamond, who we all love, too, caddies for Rory, then he chimed in.

So Joe said, ‘I don’t have time for you.’ Then Joe turned to get out of the way. And…Shane Lowry and Thomas Bjorn were screaming some things at him, which is fine. I don’t have any problem with Shane Lowry or Thomas Bjorn - they’re protecting the number one player on their team.

But no one did anything wrong. He [LaCava] didn’t stand over him. It wouldn’t be a 15-yard penalty in college football for taunting. He said he was 6 feet from him. Was Joe right? Probably not. Did anyone disrespect the European team?”

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