Flavia Vento: "The Madonna at the golf club"

"She told me that humanity only needs prayer and that Jesus will return shortly"

by Andrea Gussoni
Flavia Vento: "The Madonna at the golf club"
© Getty Images Sport - Mike Ehrmann / Staff

Gone are the days when Flavia Vento claimed to chat with Brad Pitt (who later turned out to be just any Mark Caltagirone) or to have seen aliens. Yesterday, Tuesday 3 October, the showgirl revealed that she had spoken to a superior entity: the Madonna.

“The Madonna appeared to me in front of the spring at the golf park in Rome, she was dressed in sky-blue and wore 12 stars on her head, she told me that humanity only needs prayer and that Jesus will return shortly,” wrote Vento su X attaching a photo of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

A message, from her, published just like that, without punctuation. And that's why user comments were immediately unleashed: "Maybe if commas and punctuation appeared it would be better," someone wrote.

Flavia Vento, statements

For some years now the showgirl has embraced religion with devotion and humanity.

To confirm this we find the cover image of the profile X promptly modified with the image of the archangel Gabriel at the moment of his Annunciation. Yesterday was an important date, since the visionary Gisella Cardia would have had the opportunity to witness a new apparition of the Madonna of Trevignano.

And precisely in this regard there are those who comment jokingly: "But have gnocchi multiplied? Otherwise it's not valid." Yet Flavia Vento over the years would also have held conversations with alien presences: "Tonight I saw another star move and at a certain point give off a very strong light!

It wasn't a comet. Alien messages”, published Vento on “Tom Cruise's plane?”, one user commented to her. And again: “Was it an apostrophe?”. Then that premonitory message: “But what lights, it was Jesus who made the headlights for you”.

We just have to wait for new developments in the story.