Jon Rahm inaugurates golf garden at hospital

"I am happy that this center so much attention, but not for me. I know what matters least, the work does the rest of the presents"

by Andrea Gussoni
Jon Rahm inaugurates golf garden at hospital
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Jon Rahm, number 3 in the world, inaugurated this Monday at the Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesus the so-called Golf Garden, an 800 square meter artificial grass installation where children and teenagers entering the center can play.

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Accompanying Rahm in his current act is Celia García Menéndez, Director General of Humanización of the Community of Madrid; Julio Zarco, managing director of the hospital; Paco Arango, president of the Aladina fundación; y Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the Madrid golf federation.

"I am happy that this center so much attention, but not for me. I know what matters least, the work does the rest of the presents. I dedicate myself to entertaining, thank God I can do it well. Every time I come , the visit helps me to put in perspective the problems that one can face in life, especially golfers.

It changes a lot how one thinks about what happens", indicated Rahm, who also discovered a table. "It is special that someone from the athletic and personal ranks of Jon Rahm was with us inaugurating this camp. Sports is very important in all hospitals because it goes hand in hand with health.

Sports not only builds us physically, but also in the mental", said Zarco. "This field will make us a little happier, because the children will have the possibility of doing sports. We want to inculcate values of tolerance, freedom and healthy habits.

Infirmities have a very positive evolution when we introduce sports and pedagogical values", añadió. García Menéndez declared: "Children who enter school, their friends abroad, their sports activities...

having this possibility helps them to be more active in their daily life, to be able to stay in the open air and do exercise. Children should be able to live well, do physical activity and feel a little better even when they are brought in.

The project forms part of one of our strategic lines according to the urbanization plan of the Madrileño Health Service (Sermas)". Gonzaga Escauriaza recordó Ramón Barrenechea, president of the Swiss golf federation failed in 2022 and designer of the course; and he expressed his appreciation of him to Rahm, to whom he described him as "a great player and a great person".

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