Ludvig Aberg: The Advice That Made His Ryder Cup Dream Possible

The young Swede did not expect to be part of the Ryder Cup team

by Sead Dedovic
Ludvig Aberg: The Advice That Made His Ryder Cup Dream Possible
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Just 4 months into his professional golfing career, the Swede Ludvig Aberg received an invitation to join the European team for the Ryder Cup, courtesy of one of Luke Donald's wild card selections. In a discussion on the Subpar podcast, Aberg shared a valuable piece of advice that significantly impacted his journey.

“When I turned pro, we went to Jacksonville to the PGA Tour headquarters for a little briefing, rookie orientation deal. I remember there was a rules official and he told me: ‘You know, it might be a good idea to apply for an affiliate membership with the European Tour because if you do that you'll be eligible for the Ryder Cup team.'

- Aberg said, as quoted by!

Ludvig Aberg

During those moments, the young Swede could not have anticipated what was waiting for him just a few months down the road. Nevertheless, right at the outset of his professional journey, Aberg showcased his immense talent, which did not pass unnoticed by most, including Luke Donald.

Donald recognized Aberg's tremendous potential to be a valuable asset for the European team. Ludvig is predicted to enjoy a prosperous and thriving career and achieve numerous triumphs in the years to come, given his great talent.

His Ryder Cup performance served as a testament to Aberg's promising future with the European team. “I go: ‘Feels a little like a push, you know? I don’t really see myself there yet. Maybe in two years’ time,’ but that was the first time we had conversations about it and then, yeah, tried to play my best and see where that took me but it was quite cool that it ended up the way it did”.

At the onset of the competition, the European team demonstrated their character and determination, culminating in a well-deserved celebration at the end. It's evident that the future holds the promise of nurturing fresh talents that will help give great joys to the european team.

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