Hole-in-one at 11 years ahead of Tiger Woods

Achieving a hole-in-one is an accomplishment in itself, but making two in a single day is practically a miracle

by Andrea Gussoni
Hole-in-one at 11 years ahead of Tiger Woods
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Achieving a hole-in-one is an accomplishment in itself, but making two in a single day is practically a miracle. To accomplish this feat at only 11 years old and in the presence of golf legend Tiger Woods is an aspiration too big to be quoted by any bookmaker.

Yet, it really happened in California, complete with video evidence of both events.

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This impossible achievement occurred on Sunday at Pebble Beach, a golfing destination that seems straight out of a fairytale.

The competition was the TGR Jr Invitational, organized annually by the Tiger Woods Foundation to raise funds for charity. Over three days, sixty of America's most promising young golfers have the opportunity to play while under the watchful eye of Tiger Woods himself.

This year, Holden Bautista from Riverside was the standout star of the competition, making a hole-in-one in the morning and repeating the feat in the afternoon right in front of Tiger Woods, winner of fifteen major championships.

The odds of achieving a hole-in-one are one in 12,500, and making two in one day raises that to one in 67 million.

Making one in front of Tiger Woods is beyond calculation. Upon witnessing Bautista's incredible accomplishment, Tiger Woods approached the young golfer, shook his hand, and said, "I'm proud of you. Keep it up."

This incredible scene was captured by the event's sponsor, TaylorMade.

Although Tiger Woods hasn't played a game since missing the cut at the 2023 Masters, there are rumors that he may return to the game soon.

At 47 years old, Woods had surgery, and while he's still recovering, he posted a video of himself hitting a wedge shot at The Hay just before Bautista's hole-in-one.

The possibility of his return is being speculated on, with the Hero World Challenge being a potential unofficial PGA Tour tournament to return to the game between November 30th and December 3rd in the Bahamas.

Then, from December 14th-17th, "The Big Cat" may hit the field with his son Charlie at the PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida.

Woods's ultimate goal is undoubtedly The Masters, which is scheduled for April 11th-14th, 2024, in Augusta.

For non-golfers, a hole-in-one is a hole that is completed in one stroke.

The ball is hit from the starting point and lands directly in the hole in one forward motion, typically on a par 3. In professional tournaments, making a hole-in-one is frequently rewarded with a car, while amateur events usually award certificates or special prizes.

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