Víctor García Broto writes the history in Spain

"Well, I also had a good bounce on the previous hole" said the golfer from El Prat, winner of the Alps Tour

by Andrea Gussoni
Víctor García Broto writes the history in Spain
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By all accounts, the image was shocking. Eduardo de la Riva, still the best Spanish debutant in the history of the Majors, who was fifteenth in the 2013 British Open, arrived with the bag on the shoulder of Víctor García Broto, a 26-year-old from Barcelona, an almost shy boy, with no record of honors.

, from Pablo Larrazábal's gang. "Very good guy," De la Riva added about his 'boss' this week. The photo would have looked more familiar with the roles exchanged.

Víctor García Broto, results

García Broto, who needs the second surname to leave his mark on national golf and not be confused with the father and forger of Sergio García, the well-known Victor, had shot 66 shots and briefly led the Acciona Open of Spain, the most traditional event of continental Europe, until on the penultimate hole, the 17th, a bad swing on the par 3 that has a BMW as a reward, took the ball to the right of the flag in an area of tall grass that swallowed it.

"I don't understand how that ball didn't appear," De la Riva said without excessively regretting the double bogey, a result of having to play a third shot from the tee. The penalty put an end to a prodigious sequence of four birdies, between the 13th and the 16th, which made the history of the day.

Broto, a golfer without a large amateur record, from El Prat, who had entered the great Spanish tournament in advance and who remembers having played at most "in front of 40 people" was at the head of the classification. He finally slept one stroke away from Frenchman Lorenzo-Vera and English prankster Eddie Pepperell.

He had started with a bogey, but helped by De la Riva - he already caddied for Alejandro Cañizares in the Liverpool Open -, "especially telling me which part I had to lean on to get to the green", he had added four more birdies before that streak.

"Well, I also had a good bounce on the previous hole," said the golfer from El Prat, winner of the Alps Tour - the third category of the DP World Tour - in 2021 and who plays minor divisions and who vaguely remembers that as a child He asked Miguel Ángel Jiménez for an autograph and that he met Jon Rahm at an amateur Spanish Championship eight years ago, before Barrika went to Arizona State. Which he now leads by one blow.