Tiger Woods' outfit on the golf course made many laugh


Tiger Woods' outfit on the golf course made many laugh
Tiger Woods' outfit on the golf course made many laugh © Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Last Friday, Tiger Woods participated in a charitable event known as the "100 Hole Hike" at The Hay within the Pebble Beach resorts in California. We haven't seen Tiger Woods on the big stage for a long time, but it's obvious that his recovery process is going in the right direction, and we hope that he could return to golf in the near future.

Woods caused a huge number of reactions with his appearance, considering that he had an interesting outfit that attracted everyone's attention. His styling consisted of a Call of Duty: Black Ops hoodie, basketball shorts, and FJ Icons golf shoes.

Woods managed to make many people laugh, and it must be admitted that it is nice to see him on the golf course after a long time.

Yocgolf sent an interesting message via its Instagram profile; "A hole in one is a memorable moment for any golfer. But to get an ace on the 100th hole of a Youth on Course @100holehike at The Hay in Pebble Beach with none other than the course designer Tiger Woods himself watching...makes you think fairytales are real.

Congrats to hiker @conornolen for making this magical moment happen. Put this one in the 100 Hole Hike Hall of Fame."

Tiger Woods

It is an honor for many to have Tiger Woods in their company, considering that many consider him the greatest of this sport, but also in general Woods is one of the most popular athletes in the world.

His career is marked by numerous successes. Although he has been struggling with injuries for a long time, it is to be hoped that the future holds good stories for him. Many see him as the captain of the US Ryder Cup team in two years. We hope that Woods will make a full recovery.

Tiger Woods

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