Dustin Johnson: "No longer ranking system"


Dustin Johnson: "No longer ranking system"
Dustin Johnson: "No longer ranking system" © Getty Images Sport - Mike Stobe / Stringer

Alea iacta est, the die is cast. The choice made by the OWGR Board has allowed, at the very least, clarity on a fundamental point for the management of the professional golf season. As is known, the World Ranking guarantees access to the Majors and to all the most important tournaments on the Tours calendar, which means, to date, that the players of the Saudi League will be part of the fields of these tournaments essentially only as past players.

champions (but it may not be true, as evidenced by the exclusion of Cameron Smith from The Players, NDR). But how did the LIV gamers take the news of the denial?

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Here are the statements released by some of them.

Dustin Johnson “I believe that it is no longer possible to use the World Ranking system, this is my opinion” “It is difficult to use the World Ranking tool if 48 good players are left out, so the rankings are distorted” "It's something that doesn't affect me as much as the other guys, I want the points for them." Patrick Reed “Obviously it's a disappointment” “Given that the World Ranking has the task of reflecting the value of the currently strongest players in the world, then this means that the system is broken” “The fact that we play on another Tour shouldn't matter”.

Sometimes Gooch “It's not a surprise, in light of what has happened in the last year and a half” “Nevertheless, all this confirms the irrelevance of the OWGR” “Their job is to understand who the best players in the world are – which I'm not able to do at the moment” “I believe they should not be responsible for this task”.

Cameron Smith “I believe (the OWGR, NDR) has become obsolete” “In the LIV, guys play who play one of the best in the world, and are outside the top 100 or 200 in the rankings” “This is ridiculous” “The emerging kids are the ones who suffer the greatest damage” “Talor (Gooch, NDR), this year is probably having his best season so far, and not seeing him, probably, get to next year's Majors is ridiculous”.

Dean Burmester “It's sad that they don't want to give LIV the same recognition that the rest of the world has because of the game format which, personally, I find fun and helpful to the progress of the game” “If they (the OWGR, NDR) do not intend to award ranking points to us in the immediate future, then it is difficult to imagine how they will be able to award them to future PGA Tour elevated events which, in turn, will feature a restricted field and the absence of the cut, something very similar to our formula".

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