Jon Rahm: "I have done everything I could"

“Today was a good day, a very very good day. I started very well and it gave me a lot of energy, a shame that I got a little stuck from 12 to 14"

by Andrea Gussoni
Jon Rahm: "I have done everything I could"
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Jon Rahm tried until the end of the Spanish Open. The man from Barrika started the last day very far from victory, but a sensational start made him dream of everything. Despite slowing down somewhat in the second half (Jon acknowledged having noticed the Ryder's wear and tear), the winner of two majors finished this tournament, which he has won three times, satisfied.

These were Rahmbo's words after his participation in the Country Club: Last lap: “Today was a good day, a very very good day. I started very well and it gave me a lot of energy, a shame that I got a little stuck from 12 to 14.

I could have played those holes better, if I had played them one under par instead of one over par it could have been a great day. Despite that, it was, but I needed it to do what Marcel did in the end, get close to the leaders and give them a scare”.

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Summary of the week: “Obviously I would have liked it to have gone a little better, they have been several different days. The first one I hit the ball incredibly well and didn't make a single putt, the second more of the same, then over the weekend I managed to fix it a bit.

A shame that Friday, I didn't play badly and couldn't improve the result. Next year, on Sunday I will give myself better options and see if I can reach the fourth title”. He wanted to put on a show today: “Everything possible.

I'm going to remember the putt on 18 all night, because I thought it was going to the center and how it landed to the right at the end hurt me with all my heart. Giving that to the crowd would have been incredible, hitting that drive and then putting it in.

I did everything I could at the beginning, hit a couple of good shots and made a couple of putts. On a good Sunday, ending the tournament like this makes the flight home a lot easier”. People's affection: “Yes, it shows.

I don't realize when I'm playing, I have to do my thing and not what the public is doing. It is a field in which it depends on where you are, with the trees and such, the noise and shouts travel quite a bit. On the 18th, if I had made the putt it would have been heard everywhere.

“I'm aware of that, but I'm not thinking about it while I'm playing”. I was thinking today about winning with his great start: “No, I thought we had to continue like this. There were still 10 holes left, and it was to see if he could make another six birdies.

Trying to do almost 60 or as few as possible is what I imagined. He was at -16, if he has a decent day he will make you two or three under par. I wanted to get closer to -20, but he was quite far away”. Starting with four birdies: “I don't remember, I'm sure I've done it sometimes but I don't remember.

At Pebble Beach I remember that I made par at 1 and then six birdies in a row, but I don't remember starting the first four like that”. Figure that he had in mind today: “If it were possible to reach -15, and if I did it soon, go for as low as possible”.

Now, let's rest: “A little bit a lot. The luck is that the fields at home are being replanted and almost all of them are closed. Minimum, 10 days I won't do much. From now until January, I will only play Dubai”. Influence of Ryder wear: “To what extent? Most of them, a lot.

It's a very hard week and a very hard Sunday. You seem to be rested, and this weekend I realized that I haven't fully recovered yet. It's been a long year, I've played a different schedule and haven't had the rest weeks I would have liked.

I ended up a little more tired than other years. Maybe last year, since I didn't play well at all, I came here a little more encouraged. But this year has been long, with that Ryder was a little more tired. In any case, it is not an excuse, I have been tired many times and I have played well”.

The best Jon Rahm ever in 2023: “Yes and no. By record, yes. By game, what it could have been if it weren't for certain things, I would say 2021. I think that year was my best golf, with that victory in the US Open, possible victory in the Memorial, possible victory in the FedEx, how I played in the Ryder...

I think that was the year I played my best golf, I think I had 16 top-10s. That was maybe my best golf. But this year very close. Statistically I have no idea, but I do know that from November to March or April it was the best golf I have ever played”.

It does not surpass Seve's record: “If I were left with a bad taste for every tournament I did not win, this would be a very hard life. Whenever I give 100% of myself, I will go home happy. Winning the fourth is more for me than for Seve, for honor of myself. Obviously it would be an honor, but if it arrives I will comment on it”.

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