Alps Tour Grand Final, the 'cards' for the 2024

The first 50 players on the money list (49 at the start) who have participated in at least five events in three different countries were admitted to the competition

by Andrea Gussoni
Alps Tour Grand Final, the 'cards' for the 2024
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The Alps Tour season ends on the course of the Asolo Golf Club (Red&Green course) with the Alps Tour Grand Final presented by Auralis Limitless Lighting from 18 to 20 October, a tournament at the end of which five 'cards' will be awarded for the Challenge Tour 2024 to the first classified in the order of merit.

14 Italian players present.

Alps Tour Grand Final, statements

The first 50 players on the money list (49 at the start) who have participated in at least five events in three different countries were admitted to the competition, which is played over a distance of 54 holes without a cut.

Two already have the 'card' in their pocket, the Irish Ronan Mullarney (two successes), leader of the order of merit, who can no longer leave the top 5, and the Dutch Kiet Van der Weele, second, who, scoring aside, he took advantage of the rule that promotes the winners of three tournaments in the season.

They will both be on the pitch together with all the others who scored during the year: the Italians Luca Cianchetti, Manfredi Manica and Gianmaria Rean Trinchero, the Englishman Jack Floydd, the Spaniards Quim Vidal and Josè Manuel Pardo Benitez, the Dutch Lars Keunen and the Frenchman Oihan Guillamoundeguy.

The winner will receive a check for 10,000 euros (5,000 euros per second) out of a prize pool of 50,000 euros. For the money list he will receive 9,500 points with 6,000, 3,660 and 2,700 following up to 405 for the last in the ranking.

As mentioned, 14 Italian players will be in the field, but only five will have the chance to enter the quintet: the aforementioned Manica (8th in the ranking) and Rean Trinchero (9th) with at least a third place (mathematically also with a fourth on their own, but extremely at risk), Cianchetti (10th) with a placing no higher than second, Enrico Di Nitto (12th) and Andrea Romano (14th) with a success.

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