Brooks Koepka on the main motive of playing golf and 'country club kids'

Koepka had an interesting interview with Jake Paul

by Sead Dedovic
Brooks Koepka on the main motive of playing golf and 'country club kids'
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Brooks Koepka spoke about interesting topics as a guest on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast. One of the topics was LIV Golf and the reason why the American joined such a competition. Although money was one of the motives, Koepka's main motive was winning the Masters.

Brooks is aware that the best golfers in the world are known for the Masters. He has ambitions to be at the very top. “To me it’s all Majors, that’s what you’re defined by right? You look at most golfers, hey why is Tiger or Jack the best and it all comes down to Majors.

That’s the pinnacle of our sport, I've got five of them now and I want to get to double figures. I want to win 10 or 12 - I think that’s realistic. I think if I win two more I get into the top 10 in Majors, out of all the people that have ever played golf.

I'm like 'damn I'm that close' And that’s what kind of keeps me going."- Koepka said, as quoted by!

Brooks Koepka explains his statements

Brooks Koepka's statements became part of Alan Shipnuck's new book about LIV Golf.

Koepka was brutally honest about Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, and others. To put it mildly, Koepka spoke about them, giving them the epithet 'country club kids', and emphasized that he is not interested in their opinion. Koepka made a comparison between his career and their careers.

"Yep, that’s exactly why I said that. I just didn’t grow up with the buttoned up [golf lifestyle], didn’t have the privileges, we weren’t wealthy – golf was just something to do with my brother and my dad.

If you've got a young kid you’ve got to spend about 1000 bucs for a set of clubs, that's part of the problem. It [golf] can be buttoned up, a little stuffy sometimes. It’s starting to change a little bit, especially with the younger kids coming out of college.

It’s tough, most people that play golf, the average guy is probably 60 years old, white guy, he’s retired, golf is his life, that’s probably the average fan. So trying to get younger people into golf is the way forward."

Brooks Koepka