Greg Norman on LIV novelties and World Tour dream


Greg Norman on LIV novelties and World Tour dream
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Greg Norman expects an exciting next few months. The CEO of LIV Golf is satisfied with the current situation on the Tour and expects even better days. LIV Golf executives have planned a lot for the year 2024. There will be novelties, but besides that, what they have done so far has aroused great interest.

Norman also emphasized that there are many PGA Tour players who have expressed their desire to become part of this competition. "Our next couple of months are probably going to be my most exciting time," said Norman, as quoted by!

"We’re going through this relegation process, trade process, building out the teams, getting the teams to a position that each captain wants to, negotiations, all that. With each year that goes by, this is really going to get even more exciting for us.

I’m definitely seeing a lot of FOMO out there. I know, personally I’m speaking to numerous players who want to come to LIV."

Greg Norman

Norman hopes that LIV Golfers will be able to return to the PGA Tour and play there.

He also remembered his playing days and explained what it used to look like. Greg is not happy with the PGA Tour's tough-on-others policy. Norman put a special emphasis on the 'revolution' in golf and the fact that LIV showed in which direction golf should go.

"That was our original premise to have guys share no different than what I had in 1993 with the world tour, right?" he said. "You could play 12 events and still go play on the PGA Tour, but over here you had a chance to make significant generational wealth over here.

You could still play with the PGA Tour. Now remember guys, we had only one place to go, that was the PGA Tour, they told us where we could play and couldn't play. We had no chance in the hell of really expanding our generational wealth.

Now the guys on the PGA Tour are going to see the benefits of that. You're seeing changes in the Tour since LIV. So we've become a leader in helping everybody understand how to commercialize the game of golf."

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