Brooks Koepka on the figure he earned by joining LIV Golf


Brooks Koepka on the figure he earned by joining LIV Golf
Brooks Koepka on the figure he earned by joining LIV Golf © Mike Stobe / Getty Images Sport

Brooks Koepka's interview on the BS w/ Jake Paul Podcast drew a lot of reaction. Koepka revealed a lot that we didn't know until now, and it's also interesting that he was brutally honest and surprised many. During one part of the interview, Paul was interested in the LIV Golf signing bonus figure.

“It was big, it was good,” Koepka told the BS w/ Jake Paul Podcast, as quoted by! Koeopka answered Paul's question whether it was a 9-digit number; “It was nine. It was pretty good, I was pretty happy with it I’ll put it that way."

Brooks Koepka on his arrival

Koepka confirmed what we already knew; The main motive for his arrival was money.

His goal was to provide for his family and to be calm about it. Koepka emphasized that he likes to play golf, but on the other hand, it is necessary to earn money and have a secure future. “Look, I’ll be honest with you – I signed for the dough," he said.

"I’m 100% behind that. I don’t know if tomorrow I’ll get in a car accident and never play golf again but my family is taken care of. That was a big thing for me, not doing it for anything else. Everybody else, they go to their 9-5, most of them don’t like their 9-5 but they’re doing it because they get the pay cheque .

That’s the same thing as us. I enjoy playing golf, I enjoy winning – I’d say that I would do it for free because I love it that much, but at the same time you’ve got to take care of each other”.

Brooks Koepka is great at LIV Golf and one of the best players on Tour. His departure from the PGA Tour caused a lot of negative reactions. Koepka, however, clearly defined what his goal was, and he did not have many dilemmas.

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