The famous caddy died suddenly at the age of 39


The famous caddy died suddenly at the age of 39
The famous caddy died suddenly at the age of 39 © Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport

According to a report, Kevin McAlpine, who previously served as Lexi Thompson's caddie on the LPGA Tour, has passed away at the age of 39. This news caused a shock among all those who knew him. He was not only an enthusiastic golfer but also a dedicated individual who carried out his work with passion for many years His father, Hamish stated that they are 'in the dark' after all.

Although he wasn't feeling well, no one expected it to come to this.
"We can confirm that Kevin has passed away in America. We are completely in the dark about what has happened. It is true that he has been unwell but we believed he was on the mend."- he said, as quoted by

Hamish, his father on autopsy: There is to be an autopsy

Hamish stressed that an autopsy will be conducted to ascertain the cause, but the family is still in the shock, making it challenging for them to discuss the situation at this time.

"There is to be an autopsy and at the moment there is very little we can say. We really don't want to talk about this at this stage. As a family we are completely devastated. You can imagine how we are feeling." This popular caddy was married to Anna Nordqvist, who recently confirmed that they are in the process of divorcing, and asked for privacy.

"To avoid speculations and more questions – I am in the middle of a divorce. I please ask for continued respect and privacy while I'm managing this difficult time." There are many messages of condolences from all over the world, considering that this Scotsman had friendships all over the world and met many people.

In the messages of condolence, it is emphasized that McAlpine was a man with a big heart, full of sincerity and kindness.