Collin Morikawa wins Zozo Championship: This one just meant the world


Collin Morikawa wins Zozo Championship: This one just meant the world
Collin Morikawa wins Zozo Championship: This one just meant the world © Lintao Zhang / Getty Images Sport

Collin Morikawa ended a nearly two-year winless streak by dominating the Zozo Championship, winning by six strokes at the Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club in Japan. At the end of the tournament, it was clear how important this victory was to him.

When you don't manage to achieve your goal for such a long time, moments like this are certainly fuel for what follows. Morikawa is excited and aware that this could be a 'tipping point' “Yeah, it feels incredible. Every win's so different, and every experience, whether it's winning or losing, you learn a lot, but this one just meant the world.

I mean, obviously having this kind of two-year drought, you know, just struggling at times, not really contending, to do what I did through this entire week, Thursday, Friday, and then how I started my round yesterday with a double bogey, it just -- that's the golf I miss playing.

To see that and to see it again, it's very exciting just to close out this year and head into next year”. - Morikawa said, as quoted by!

Collin Morikawa on playing in Japan

Winning in Japan is a great moment, especially considering that Morikawa is half-Japanese.

In most of the tournaments, Morikawa plays in the US. Playing in other places is an additional motivation for golfers. Collin is happy that Japan was the place where he achieved an important victory. We will see if this will also be an introduction to what Morikawa will show.

“Look, I'm going to answer this simply. Winning means the world, but winning in Japan, having my heritage being half-Japanese, my last name being Morikawa, it's so special.
I talked about it earlier, there's only a few places where by the end of your career you hope to win.

Winning around the world is not easy. We play so much in the United States that when we have these opportunities to play outside and play in a country that I love and have respect for and just have history, right, it's very, very special”.

Collin Morikawa