Amy Palmer, daughter of Arnold Palmer visited Golf It: It's remarkable


Amy Palmer, daughter of Arnold Palmer visited Golf It: It's remarkable
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Golf It!, the golf facility impresses many who had the opportunity to be there. Golf It! is close to Glasgow city center. Arnold Palmer's daughter had the opportunity to visit this facility. Arnold Palmer was known as a great humanist and a man who helped many.

His daughter Amy Palmer Saunders, chair of The Arnold Palmer Group and Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation (AWPF), continues the same tradition. She also uses every moment to support many stories from the golf scene. The R&A Foundation had a great influence on the creation of this facility.

“What has been amazing and remarkable about this visit is what The R&A has done here with Golf It! is so aligned with the things that were so important during my father’s career and my parent’s lives,” -Palmer said.

“To see what potential there is here is just remarkable, but what they've already accomplished, what they've built and how well thought out it was, how they engaged the community, it's just remarkable. To see the potential for the future...

it's endless.“

Amy Palmer on her parents

Speaking to the media, Palmer talked about her parents and the way they raised her. The emphasis was on a healthy life for children. Her mother loved nature and spending time there.

Therefore, she taught her children to love nature from an early age. This shows the importance of properly raising a child from an early age. “My parents cared very much about providing a healthy life for children and an opportunity for them have a bright future, whether it be through their healthcare or through the other pillars, such as nature-focused wellness.

My mother loved nature. She loved gardening. She had a huge passion for protecting the land where we grey up in Pennsylvania. What comes with parenting and through the game of golf are values and character and leadership”.

Source: Golfmonthly