Spanish Pro Golf Championship at La Grajera

The Extremaduran Javier Colomo and the Andalusian Marcos Pastor are two of the main favorites

by Andrea Gussoni
Spanish Pro Golf Championship at La Grajera
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The Extremaduran Javier Colomo and the Andalusian Marcos Pastor are two of the main favorites to win the Spanish Professional Golf Championship that will be held from next Thursday on the La Grajera course, where the veteran José María Olazábal will also participate.

Spanish Professional Golf Championship, results

The La Grajera de Logroño course, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary since its creation, will be the setting for this championship for the fourth time, with 84 players, who will compete between October 26 and 29, with a prize pool of 100,000 euros .

Participants must complete four rounds - with a cut after the second - on this 18-hole course in which Miguel Ángel Jiménez has the record with 60 strokes. One of the great "claims" of the championship will be the presence of José María Olazábal, who will try to get rid of the "thorn" of the 2020 national championship, when he was excluded by the judges for hitting a blow outside the limits of the course.

The Basque, winner of the Augusta Master twice and the Ryder Cup three times, will have as his main rivals last year's winner, Luis Claverie from the Canary Islands, Javier Colomo from Extremadura and Marcos Pastor from Andalusia, both of whom already have this title in their possession.

palmares. The list of participants also includes Gonzalo Fernández Castaño from Madrid, who has seven victories on the European circuit and has just had a great performance at the Spanish Open; and two very experienced high-level players, also winners of this title, the Andalusian José Lorca and the Madrid-born Carlos Balmaseda.

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