Paul McGinley on the chances to captain the European team again


Paul McGinley on the chances to captain the European team again
Paul McGinley on the chances to captain the European team again © Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Many hope that Paul McGinley could once again captain the European team in two years' time at the Ryder Cup. He already had success with the European team and brought them the trophy in 2014. However, in a media interview, Paul rejected that option and revealed what is the main obstacle to such an outcome; "I'm 10 years aways from being a captain, I'm 56 years old, there's a certain disconnection with the current crop of players.

"- he said. Although he had the desire to take over the team again and try to achieve victories on US soil, McGinley felt that it was not fair to his colleagues who deserved a chance much more. To win the Ryder Cup on the 'away field' is considered by many to be the greatest feat on the golf scene.

"I think it so much more difficult away and I'd have loved to have written the away template but I thought it was greedy to go again. I knew there were a lot of guys waiting patiently behind me and I thought it would be unfair to go again."

Rory McIlroy on winning the Ryder Cup on US soil

After winning the Ryder Cup, Rory McIlroy confirmed the premise of winning on away soil.

The Northern Irishman wants to achieve such a feat, and he believes that his team can really achieve it. "So I've said this for the last probably six or seven years to anyone that will listen. I think one of the biggest accomplishments in golf right now is winning an away Ryder Cup.

And that's what we're going to do at Bethpage. "- Rory McIlroy said. McGinley has always been a fair and correct man, and he never wanted to exaggerate his successes. He believes that a true captain should prove himself both at home and away.

"In an ideal world, you should do two captaincies – one home and one away. That would be a real test of the captain, wouldn't it?" Source: Golfmagic

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