Nick Faldo reveals what LIV Golfers will regret the most


Nick Faldo reveals what LIV Golfers will regret the most
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Nick Faldo is known as one of the biggest critics of LIV Golf and their philosophy. Faldo does not understand why individuals choose money over success and prestige. Playing at LIV Golf can hardly bring the excitement factor, especially considering that LIV Golfers cannot get OWGR points.

Faldo recalled his career and beginnings. Although he liked to have money, he enjoyed competing and winning trophies, and this seems to have been his main motive. "When I look back at my career, you don’t think of the dollar sign.

You think, I went through a swing change for two years and then came out of it and finally won my first Major and then became a pretty darn decent golfer for five years. That makes you proud of what you did. And that’s with me forever.

I mean, that’s where I see a difference. Sure, I would’ve loved to earn tens of millions more, I’m not denying that, but there’s something about competing and putting yourself through the wringer, and then you feel proud of your achievements.

"- Faldo said.

Nick Faldo

Faldo put a special emphasis on 'striving' When you start building a career, of course, many obstacles will follow, but it is necessary to stay firm on that path, work, and then reap the fruits of your results.

However, today's golfers seem to want to take millions immediately and forget about golf. Faldo believes that memories are built by achieving good results and striving for success. "That’s why I think the Tour’s competitive golf will stand up because their tour is not the same competition.

It really isn’t. It is a different style of golf (LIV). And the Tour is the Tour, or the Tours, you know, and we would deem it as proper golf, 72 holes, 36-hole cut. All of that is all part of your learning experience. Here’s the bottom line, you’ve got to strive, you know, everything in life is a struggle, isn’t it? So you strive and from striving, you then achieve something.

So if you’ve achieved something, you then get satisfaction from doing that. And then from your satisfaction, you then create a memory. Well, if there’s nothing to strive for then there’s no memory." Source: Golfmonthly

Nick Faldo