Luke Donald on the reasons why golfers should not be paid at the Ryder Cup


Luke Donald on the reasons why golfers should not be paid at the Ryder Cup
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The European Ryder Cup captain, Luke Donald, impressed many with the way he prepared the teams and brought the Europeans an important trophy. The European team had absolute dominance in Rome this year. Although many believed that the US team and the European team were of similar quality, things looked different.

Many believe that Luke Donald is the most deserving of such a performance by the Europeans. After the Ryder Cup was over, there were rumors about the payment of Ryder Cup golfers. The biggest hype was created around the US teams.

In a recent interview with The Times, Luke Donald emphasized that the Ryder Cup players should not be paid, and he gave his reasons why he thinks so; "It's one week where you play for more than yourself, not about money or points, it's about coming together as a team and the fans feed off that — it's all passion."- Donald said.

Luke Donald on Ryder Cup and paying

Donald believes that playing for a team in the Ryder Cup is a prestige and honor. This is precisely why Donald is not an advocate for golfers to be paid at the Ryder Cup. He believes that golfers can make money in other ways.

Bonuses in contracts are one way. In addition, performing at the Ryder Cup increases your reputation and rating, and attracts many sponsors. Playing at the Ryder Cup has many benefits. "I don't think we should ever get paid. If you play well, you can get paid in other ways.

Your brand will go up exponentially and certain people will have bonuses in their contracts, but if you want to keep the essence and history of the Ryder Cup, it needs to stay the same." Luke can be an example for young golfers who are just trying to build their career, but also for experienced ones.

Donald belongs to the 'old school' golfers. Their goals were to continue the tradition, win trophies, and influence someone to love golf. Source: Golfmagic

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