Víctor Pastor proclaimed himself champion


Víctor Pastor proclaimed himself champion
Víctor Pastor proclaimed himself champion © Getty Images Sport - Cliff Hawkins / Staff

Cordoba Víctor Pastor proclaimed himself the dominant Spanish golf champion when he prevailed with a single shot against Barcelona's Víctor García Broto, who started as leader on the last day of the competition played on the La Grajera de Logroño course.

Victor Pastor, results

The tournament, which was shortened due to bad weather, was resolved with three runners-up on the Rioja field, where at the beginning it left off the Riojano amateur Nicolás Evangelio but the main favorites, among the two members of the national team, returned to the field.

, García Broto y Pastor. The Catalan started with a coup de ventaja and maintained the lead in the championship for 14 hours, in which he had achieved five birdies, but Pastor led this moment with four and an eagle.

Thus, the championship was decided on four men, in which García Broto took the lead and even scored a biridie on the 16th, on the next he failed on an approach shot and four shots were needed, one more than the par, the one that same with Pastor.

The Cordobes took the course with another birdie, the fifth of the day, while the Catalan was quedó in the par and as his rival was achieved with the title. The great round final of Gonzalo Fernández Castaño (-7), the promising global performance of the young Rioja amateur Nicolás Evangelio and the participation of Txema Olazábal (this is the only national title that has been won at the Spanish Open), were other notable highlights of a great tournament.

Logroño, in Italian Logrogno or Lucronio, is a Spanish municipality of 152,485 inhabitants, capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja, the second smallest of the 17 Spanish regions. The city, bathed by the Ebro River, is home to almost half the population of the entire region.

Located in northern Spain, it has historically been a place of passage and border, and is still today a meeting point, reference and crossroads. The most famous route, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, leads pilgrims from distant countries to discover Logroño, who enter the city from the bridge over the Ebro river.

The city was disputed between the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages, and in the last century, it has experienced slow but significant population growth compared to neighboring populations, caused mainly by migratory movements from other provinces (comarcas) in the region. It has been the gastronomic capital of Spain since 2012.