Luke Donald, the dedication to dead parents


Luke Donald, the dedication to dead parents
Luke Donald, the dedication to dead parents © Patrick Smith / Getty Images Sport

Luke Donald won the Ryder Cup. During the press conference, at a certain point, a journalist, aware of Donald's loss of both parents, addressed him in this way: What would your parents have told you? In addition to Donald's surprise at such an intimate question, his skills as a motivator for the team also shine through and how much this motivation can come from those people who have been, or still are, the closest in life.

Luke Donald, statements

"Yes, I had great parents. They always supported me, but golf wasn't everything for them. They have always really believed in me, giving me the opportunity to live a balanced life, where I can play golf, but also enjoy other things in life.

They would be very proud of me, I think more not for the fact that we won, but more for the way I handled my role as captain. This is a strange question. It had never been done to me before. I never thought about the answer, but yes, I miss them, of course I miss them.

I would have liked to share this moment with them. You know what? I think some of the things we talked about as a group are really, really important. Not just play for each other, but for those who mean the most to you. I think it's a very powerful message, you know.

I sent some videos to the kids on Monday, they are about some people who mean a lot to them, a video of just two minutes made to encourage them. I think that's why we play this game all the time, not just for ourselves. That's what makes the Ryder Cup so special, because we play it for those people who mean so much to us.

Certainly my parents meant a lot to me and yes, they would have been very proud".

Luke Donald

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