Golfers who earned the most in 2023, the list


Golfers who earned the most in 2023, the list
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The current season is coming to an end. The PGA Tour is playing the Fall Series, the real novelty (announced during the race) of the path that players must follow to secure their card for next year. In fifteen days the Tour Championship of the DP World Tour will take place, which will designate the winner of the Race to Dubai 2023.

LIV Golf played its final event, the Team Championship, in Miami just over ten days ago.

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Since the protagonists of these final phases are now known, it is possible to identify those who dominated the earnings rankings of the season.

I am quite convinced that many would expect the dominance of LIV players, but the reality, as we will see, is different. These are the magnificent ten of the 2023 season: 1. Talor Gooch: $36.2 million
2. Viktor Hovland: $33.5 million

Scottie Scheffler: $26.0 million
4. Brooks Koepka: $22.7 million
5. Jon Rahm: $21.2 million
6. Rory McIlroy: $20.3 million
7. Cam Smith: $19.8 million
8. Wyndham Clark: $17.8 million
9. Bryson DeChambeau: $15.7 million
10. Xander Schauffele: $14.9 million Regardless of what will happen in Dubai, the ranking can be considered almost definitive.

Okay, the top player is a LIV Golf player. Talor Gooch has won three individual tournaments and the Team Rangegoats GC of which he is part placed second at the Team Championship in Miami. All this allowed him to prevail over the PGA Tour's money leader, Viktor Hovland.

However, if we analyze the rankings, we notice that three of the top five players are members of the PGA Tour. If we broaden the analysis to the top eight positions, there are only three LIV players. Overall, the ranking is made up of six players from the PGA Tour and four from the Saudi League.

So. It is clear that LIV Golf players have had less effort than their PGA Tour/DP World Tour colleagues to accumulate similar sums, given the unlimited availability of funds that the Saudis have. On the other hand, it is equally clear that the PGA Tour, after having pointed the finger at the Saudis themselves accusing them of having destabilized the professional golf system with a heavy injection of liquidity, have followed the same path, in order not to lose the players peak.

The results of all this are there for all to see: the players were the beneficiaries of a shower of money, but at the same time the relationships between many of them were compromised by belonging to one Tour rather than another,
the Tours, after a battle with no holds barred, have reached the conclusion of a peace agreement which, over time, is increasingly taking on the appearance of a truce;
the enthusiasts, split into two factions

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