Jon Rahm retires immediately from the TGL


Jon Rahm retires immediately from the TGL
Jon Rahm retires immediately from the TGL © Stuart Franklin / Getty Images Sport

The news started out quietly. In the midst of the launch of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy's TGL League, on Wednesday Jon Rahm's name disappeared from the player roster on the website of the newly formed League. Given that the Spaniard was among the first to confirm his participation in the new TMRW Sports format, the news of his defection has sparked a flurry of hypotheses.

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But it was Rahm himself who was the first to clarify the reasons for choosing him through a post on X: “I am sad to have to confirm that I will not be taking part in the first season of the TGL League” “While, on the one hand, I continue to think that this is a great opportunity, on the other hand I must recognize that taking part in it would require a commitment that I cannot guarantee” “I wish good luck to all those who participate and may the best team win!”.

The TGL League also released an official statement on the matter: “Jon is one of our most talented players and we will miss him dearly during the inaugural season”. “We understand that players need to find a balance between different aspects of their lives, both professional and private” “We therefore respect Jon's choice and wish him all the best”.

The statement ends with the confirmation that the name of the person who will replace Rahm will be communicated shortly. The reigning Masters Champion brought to light the real problem that players who have joined the TGL League will have: time.

Monday is the day off after tournaments for the players, and the twenty-four who will participate in the Monday Night of golf will have to sacrifice it. Jon Rahm Rodríguez (Barrika, 10 November 1994) is a Spanish golfer.

Already at number 1 in the world amateur golf rankings for a record time of 60 weeks, he reached first place in the official ranking after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020, then returning to occupy the highest position following the victory of the U.S. Open in June 2021: he was the first Spaniard to triumph in the prestigious tournament.

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