Billie Jean King: "LPGA at Augusta National"


Billie Jean King: "LPGA at Augusta National"
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The confirmation from Sorenstam - famous for her confidentiality and few words - came on Wednesday, during a round table organized as part of the Parity Week in Gainbridge (USA), together with two other legends of women's sport: the tennis player Billie Jean King and pilot Lyn St.


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"What can I say? I am extremely honored,” said Sorenstam. It was a surprise, I admit. I'm so excited… I feel like a rookie trying to learn the ropes. I'm not sure yet where she's going to take all of this, but I'm doubly excited about the opportunity to not only play along that path, but also get to know the members of Augusta National." Billie Jean King immediately congratulated Annika Sorenstam and did not miss the opportunity to reiterate: “My greatest wish is for Augusta National to host an LPGA event.

I know there is already an amateur women's competition, but I would also like to see a professional women's tournament. I hope this happens. I think you (Annika) will make a difference. You put so much passion into what you do, people listen to you and respect you." And then King added: “There's no rush!” causing laughter from those present.

A reporter asked Sorenstam what she thought about a women's Masters. “Don't get her in trouble yet” Billie Jean King intervened again. “We have to give it at least a couple of years. First you have to get to know the members.

Then know how to move. It will not be easy". Augusta National Golf Club, located in the city of Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts on the grounds of an old orchard, the course was designed by Jones and Alister MacKenzie and opened in January 1933.

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