Tiger Woods Provides Insight into His Viral 'No Divots' Video with Scheffler


Tiger Woods Provides Insight into His Viral 'No Divots' Video with Scheffler
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Tiger Woods clarified the widely-discussed 'no divot' exchange with Scottie Scheffler by delving into the specifics of his swing path. In the video, you can clearly see Tiger Woods making an interesting statement, while on the other hand, Scheffler is in awe.

"When I'm flushing it I don't take divots," said Woods.
Given that many people do not understand where this comes from, Woods explained in a video interview with TaylerMade. In the beginning of his career, he had a problem to take a divot.

"Early in my career I was very zeroed, I was very wide on the backswing and wide on the through swing so it was actually hard for me to take a divot when I was hitting it really well, just because I was zeroed," said Woods.

"At that time, the early 2000s, mid-2000s, even in the late 90s, my natural shot was a draw, so obviously with the draw you're not going to be swinging it that steep, so yes I didn't take a lot of divots."

Tiger Woods and practicing

Woods practiced a lot and worked on that aspect.

He spent the whole day practicing to perfect his technique. In the end, he succeeded. Many did not know where he was hitting golf balls at. "I would stand there and hit golf balls for the entire day and you really couldn't see where I was hitting golf balls at, especially with the long irons.

It'd be totally different if I'm hitting punch cuts, then you're going to see divots." Tiger Woods is truly a golfer who, from the first day of his career, tried to become perfect in his job. It turned out to be a great thing.

Woods wanted to become the best. According to the opinion of most fans of this sport, he succeeded in that. He is an example that hard work and passion for golf always pays off. Source: Golfmonthly

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