Graeme McDowell's View on LIV Golf's Young Talent

"They have been ostracised a little bit from the young golfing world"

by Sead Dedovic
Graeme McDowell's View on LIV Golf's Young Talent
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Graeme McDowell is a member of LIV Golf, and he has repeatedly affirmed that he does not regret his choice. McDowell has consistently shown support for young golfers. While he acknowledges the risks involved in young golfers joining LIV Golf, he believes they possess significant potential and have made an excellent decision.

“It is interesting for these young guys, you look at [Eugenio] Chacarra and [David] Puig in particular, they have chosen the LIV path, and we are not really familiar with that path. They have taken a massive risk in a way but they have both kicked on and I’m really happy with these guys”.

Despite the potential for young golfers to face losses when they decided to join LIV Golf, they were well aware of the challenges ahead. McDowell is confident that they can make significant strides within LIV Golf and establish successful careers.

“They have been ostracised a little bit from the young golfing world, but they have used the LIV Golf League as a platform and taken things to the next level. I’m happy to see them kick on the way they are – they are going to be great young players”.

LIV Golf still has no right to ranking points, and it seems that they could wait a long time for that. McDowell hopes that LIV Golf will still be awarded with ranking points, and thus enable golfers to fight for the Majors.

“I hope the world opens up for them and they get the opportunity to try and win Majors as well”.

Asian Tour

The Asian Tour has a lot of talent on its roster waiting for the right opportunity. McDowell singled out two in particular; Phachara Khongwatmai and Sadom Kaewkanjana.

He believes that both deserve a chance to be part of LIV Golf. This will require patience, effort and work. “I have played a bit of golf with Sadom and Phachara and I’ve been impressed with both. I feel they are on the edge of making that next step, but it is how you make that next step.

The only way to do is to get on big stage and find that belief in yourself. No one can teach it and it can’t be found on a range – it can only be found during a big event. So you must get onto that LIV Golf Promotions event, get a big weekend in, get onto LIV and then have a big year there next year.

Unfortunately, there is no way to practice that. Phachara is a nice player. I like his game and his attitude. It is tough to speak for all on the Asian Tour but a lot of these kids are so easy going yet so competitive and talented”.

Source: Golfmonthly

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