Collin Morikawa Ends a 20-Year Partnership with His Coach


Collin Morikawa Ends a 20-Year Partnership with His Coach
Collin Morikawa Ends a 20-Year Partnership with His Coach © Lintao Zhang / Getty Images Sport

Collin Morikawa has decided to make some changes in his career, and if Barstool Sports' Dan Rapaport is anything to go by, the great golfer has parted ways with his coach, Rick Sessinghaus. The two have been working together for 20 years!

There are many memories behind them and great moments. Morikawa has not yet confirmed this news, so we will have to be patient and wait for official confirmation. Rapaport also confirmed in his post on social media that Morikawa is now working with Mark Blackburn.

Blackburn also collaborates with Justin Rose and Max Homa. After winning the Zozo Championship, Morikawa had an interesting statement: “Yeah, it feels incredible. Every win's so different, and every experience, whether it's winning or losing, you learn a lot, but this one just meant the world.

I mean, obviously having this kind of two-year drought, you know, just struggling at times, not really contending, to do what I did through this entire week, Thursday, Friday, and then how I started my round yesterday with a double bogey, it just -- that's the golf I miss playing.

To see that and to see it again, it's very exciting just to close out this year and head into next year”. - Morikawa said.

LA Golf Club call

The call he received from the Los Angeles Golf Club for TGL surprised Morikawa.

He was surprised by such a call, but also happy that he can play among the biggest stars. “I don't think I have ever answered a call like this. I just got chills through my body. I got my Ryder Cup call this year, but I think this tops it almost.

We are going to make some history, I would love to be a part of the team. I can't wait to rep LA. We are going to do some great things”. Source: Golfmonthly

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