Betting case, two Pga Tour players involved


Betting case, two Pga Tour players involved
Betting case, two Pga Tour players involved © Getty Images Sport - Cliff Hawkins / Staff

When the echoes of the new football betting case that shook Italy and Great Britain had not yet died down, unfortunately the news arrived of a similar situation that had emerged on the PGA Tour. The protagonists of the "ugly affair" are Vince India and Jack Staiano, two players from the Korn Ferry Tour.

With a very essential statement, the PGA Tour announced the sanctions imposed on the two players.

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The events that first started the investigations and then the imposition of sanctions were a series of bets placed by the two players on PGA Tour tournaments.

The violation of the PGA Tour “Integrity Program” triggered the disqualifications. While Vince India has not released any statement on the matter, Jack Staiano instead wanted to talk about what happened. In his case, the dispute concerns bets that the player originally from Colorado had placed in 2021.

The first involved a PGA Tour event, where Staiano bet $25 on Bryson DeChambeau's birdie on a par 5. Three other bets concerned The Match, which that year was played between DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka (in retrospect, in this case Staiano stated that he didn't think there were any problems, as it was an exhibition, Ed.).

In May of this year the player was notified of the ongoing investigation, in July and August he had two interviews with two Tour investigators and in September he received the letter signed by Jay Monahan informing him of the disqualification.

“I understood the principles, I understood that you can't bet, they explained it to me perfectly” “I didn't deny having bet” “I accepted my punishment…People may argue about whether it's fair or not, but I'm particularly keen to make sure other kids understand what happened so they don't make the same mistake”.

“It's something that can change your career”. The topic of betting is a very sensitive one in the world of professional sport, and golf is not immune to it. While on the one hand the PGA Tour combats the betting phenomenon among players, on the other it has strong partnership ties with authorized sports betting platforms (DraftKings and PointsBet, NDR).

The two positions are clearly antithetical, but it is clear that the PGA Tour cannot fail to maintain both. The players must have integrity, and the fans must be able to have fun.

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