Andy Ogletree is careful in choosing the LIV Golf team for the future


Andy Ogletree is careful in choosing the LIV Golf team for the future
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After an impressive season on the Asian Tour, Andy Ogletree is in talks for a full-time return to LIV Golf in 2024. The 25-year-old, leading the International Series Order of Merit, is poised to secure a spot in LIV's third season.

Having experienced the league as an injury reserve in 2023, Ogletree sees this decision as similar to a teenager choosing a college golf destination. With the LIV transfer window open, discussions with potential teams are already underway.

He is excited about the great opportunity that has presented itself to him, and he wants to choose the best team. "I've been in conversations with a couple of different teams, so, I'm trying to figure out which team fits best for me,” he said.

“And my conversations have been more about which team I'm going to be on, not so much of the movement of everything. You know, it's a really exciting time for me, and it's going to be a really big decision for me going forward of which team that I want to be on." Choosing the team, he asked himself many questions, all with the aim of choosing the best option.

He wants to develop in the right direction and become the best version of himself. "Hopefully, I'll be on that team for a long time so look at it like a college golf choice. Which team do you want to be on? Which team do you see yourself with and which team gives you the best chance of playing the best golf." There are many factors that must be taken into account.

“You have to look at it from a massive lens, you have to look at how the team travels and how the team stays and what's provided from the team from a physio standpoint and a training standpoint."

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He is aware that there are different profiles of golfers at LIV Golf.

It is hard to expect that he will have an ideal welcome and great conditions in every team. However, many consider it to be 'sweet tortment' He has the qualities that are needed, and any team can be happy to have such a player on their roster.

Obviously, the team dynamic goes into it as well. Which players are going to be surrounded by every day and how teams like to go about their business. Some teams like to play together a lot, some teams do their own thing.

And obviously, there's a marketing aspect as well that you have to look at. So trying to take it all into consideration and just see which one's best for me. It's a big decision." Source: Golfmonthly

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