Mireia Prat champion of Santander Golf Tour


Mireia Prat champion of Santander Golf Tour
Mireia Prat champion of Santander Golf Tour © Getty Images Sport - Octavio Passos / Stringer

The Catalan golfer Mireia Prat has been proclaimed champion of the Santander Golf Tour 2023 ranking after advancing more than her direct rivals and managing to qualify for the semifinals of the eighth round of the championship, which is being held at the Real Golf de Pedreña (Cantabria).

Santander Golf Tour 2023, results

During the morning, Real Golf de Pedreña witnessed the eight pairings of the round of 16 of the Santander Golf Tour Match Play Cantabria, in which the other two favorites, Amaia Latorre and María Herráez, fell.

After the defeats in the round of 16 by Amaia Latorre, leader, and María Herráez, third, Mireia Prat needed a victory in the afternoon round, quarterfinals, to mathematically become champion, something she achieved after beating Nikki Hofstede 4&3 .

Mireia Prat will fight for victory in Pedreña first against Nina Pegova, in the semifinals, and whoever qualifies will meet in the final of the tournament with the winner of the confrontation between Marta Pérez and Harang Lee.

Cantabria geographically belongs to the Cantabrian frame, the name given to the fringe of land located between the Cantabrian Sea and the Cantabrian Cordillera in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a humid oceanic climate with moderate temperatures, strongly influenced by the winds of the Atlantic Ocean that collide against the mountains of the Cantabrian cordillera.

The average rainfall is around 1200 mm per year. The vegetation is therefore flourishing and the region presents itself to the visitor with a bright green color for many months of the year. Cantabria is the richest region in the world in Upper Paleolithic archaeological sites.

The first signs of human presence date back to the Lower Paleolithic, although not much remains from this period in the region. In this context, the prehistoric graffiti of the Altamira cave stand out, dated between 16000 and 9000 BC.

and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Cantabria also shares the Picos de Europa National Park with Asturias and the Province of León. Several authors have studied the etymology of the name of Cantabria. Although its origin is not certain, the opinion most shared by experts is that it derives from the root cant-, of Celtic or Ligurian origin and meaning "rock" or "stone", and the suffix -abr, frequently used in Celtic regions .

Of all this it is thought that Cántabro means "country that lives in the mountains". It is one of the Spanish regions with the oldest toponymy: the term “cántabro” appears for the first time in Roman sources from the 2nd century BC. of Cato the Elder.