Adrian Meronk admits that it was tough to watch the Ryder Cup


Adrian Meronk admits that it was tough to watch the Ryder Cup
Adrian Meronk admits that it was tough to watch the Ryder Cup © Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Adrian Meronk certainly had every right to be disappointed, considering that he was not selected for the Ryder Cup. The Pole was immediately taken aback by Luke Donald's invitation, as he was confident that he would be part of the team in Rome.

However, he realized that he had to accept things as they were. Speaking to The Times, this accomplished golfer confirmed that he was pleased to witness the European team's success. The Europeans managed to triumph over the US team.

Meronk must have envisioned how things would have turned out if he had been there, but... "I was home in Poland and I watched a bit in the morning and then went to practice. There was nothing I could do and I wanted to get better.

I watched the Sunday singles and it was great to see how Europe performed. It was actually quite an exciting Ryder Cup."- Meronk said.

Adrian Meronk on watching the tournament

Watching the tournament on a course with many memories was not easy for Meronk.

He believes that it is not important what he thought at that moment or whether he wished ill. The Pole's only wish was for the Ryder Cup to end and for the story about the Ryder Cup to stop.
"Watching on a course like that, where I've had success, was not easy, but no, I don't wish bad on anybody.

It wasn't up to me who was playing. It didn't matter what I thought or wished. I had good memories and knew what I could have done, but I accepted it. It was tough for me, though, and I was glad when it finished. People were not talking about the Ryder Cup much any more and I could move on.

" Meronk's ambitions are to be equally good in the future and secure a place at the next Ryder Cup.

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Adrian Meronk Ryder Cup

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